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This exhibition was first exhibited in 1996 at the Durban Jewish Club. The exhibition consists of an introductory video, a series of over 70 posters, as well as artifacts from the various religions.

The exhibition was created by Paddy Meskin with assistance from a number of religious. It was hosted by the Council of KZN Jewry Human Rights Ciouncil, in  association with Diakonia, the World Conference of Religion and Peace  and Ningizimu Specially Mentally Handicapped School’s A4 Art Exhibition.

Although the general theme is the celebration of Human rights, the main focus is on the rights to freedom of religion, language and culture;   to  health and illness prevention (specifically looking at AIDS) and the right to freedom of expression, regardless of race , creed , colour or gender.

The exhibition is introduced with an excellent video entitled “Flowers are Red” , a delightful cartoon about little boy who goes to school and wants to paint flowers all the colours of the rainbow but is brainwashed into using only red. When he does find a school that allows for all the colours , he doesn’t know how to do so. It is a very apt introduction and the final wish in the video – “that our children should be able to paint  flowers with all the colours of the rainbow”  is an excellent way of introducing interfaith ideas and multi-culturalism to young people.

The exhibition is divided into different sections:

  • Introduction to the Bill of Rights and in particular, the clause dealing with freedom of religion and culture.
  • What is religion?  Why do we need it?  How did it begin ?
  • A look at the similarities that all religions share.
  • Five of the major religions are looked at in pictures and text, each dealing with belief and concept of God, history, philosophy, Rites of passage, main festivals and special factors. The religions dealt with are:
  • Buddhism
  • Christianity
  • Hinduism
  • Islam
  • Judaism
  • The next section dealt with African Cultures and the following cultures were investigated  :
  • The Zulus
  • The Xhosas
  • The Ndebeles
  • The Bushmen
  • Finally issues which are confronting all communities today were looked at very briefly e.g. world poverty  and the environment .


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