WCRP / HIVAN Forum Introduction
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WCRP / HIVAN Forum - September 2009
WCRP / HIVAN Forum - 08 July 2009
WCRP / HIVAN Forum - 24 June 2009
WCRP / HIVAN Forum - 26 May 2009
WCRP / HIVAN Forum - 05 November 2008
WCRP / HIVAN Forum - Capacity Building Workshop
WCRP / HIVAN Support Group Training
WCRP / HIVAN Capacity-Building Workshop - Gender-Based Violence - January 2008
WCRP / HIVAN - Religious Leaders and HIV / AIDS Researchers Forum - February 2007
WCRP / HIVAN Capacity-Building Workshop - Support Groups - A Vital Component of Healing
WCRP / HIVAN Women's Day Capacity Building Programme

WCRP / HIVAN Forum Introduction

HIVAN has a networking team dedicated to facilitating contact, communication and collaboration within and across the higher education, public, private, faith-based, non-government, and community-based sectors. HIVAN’s website, database, newsletters, reviews, and fora are all intended to enable and encourage these interactions. These fora are attended by community workers, volunteers and representatives from NGOs, FBOs, CBOs and government. They create a context for people and organisations to network and build contacts outside of the usual networks, raise knowledge levels and expose people to relevant and timely issues surrounding HIV and AIDS and creates dialogue between groups that don’t normally come in contact with each other. HIVAN’s networking fora are:

  • The MRC KZN AIDS Forum
  • Faith-Based Leaders and HIV/AIDS Researchers Forum
  • Youth Fora
  • Capacity-building Workshops
  • Home-Based Care Workshops
  • Contentious Issues Panel Discussion
Women's Day Breakfast August 2009
Women's Day Breakfast August 2009 - Paddy Meskin (President WCRP-SA) presents a prize to Gertrude Ngcobo (Mavela Coordinator) Women's Day Breakfast August 2009
Women's Day Breakfast August 2009

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